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 7 Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1. Talk everything out Perhaps you know that all kinds of negative emotions tend to accumulate in your soul and make you feel overwhelmed and fully furnished apartment despondent. It's important to find ways to rid yourself of this burden. The best and the most effective way to free your soul from grief is to talk everything out. You can share your feelings with a trusted person. When you voice your problem, you release the pressure and the weight off your shoulders. Moreover, you'll be able to get a useful piece of advice from your dearest and nearest people. 2. Focus on the present moment When you are surrounded by turmoil and negativity, you should turn on a safe mode for your mind to cope with emotional overload. It's desirable to avoid thoughts about the past, because they make you feel anxious about the things you have no power to change. Concentrate on the things you can really do to change the situation for better. Try to get rid of obsessive thoughts, which bowl you out and make you feel miserable. 3. Find release to your emotions Nowadays various life spheres and conditions make you suppress your feelings. It's extremely harmful for both your physical and mental well-being, because emotions trapped in body can lead to pain and other ailments. I understand that you cannot tell your boss that he or she is not right, but you can release your emotions when you are in a private place. You can break the plates or cry into the pillow. Try to do things that will help you release the negativity from your mind. 4. Follow your own advice Unfortunately, when I face a life crisis, I tend to criticize myself. The only thing that helps me bounce back is my inner voice. I always try to follow the advice I give myself. I imagine what would I advice to my friend if they faced the same situation. It is much easier to advise other people what to do in a certain situation than act on your own. That's why you should give yourself a hint what to do. Ask yourself for help that you desperately need and I hope you'll find the answers to all questions. 5. Keep moving Tough times aren't a signal for you to fall out of step with reality and stay inactive about your life. You should always remember that life is a motion. Follow your schedule, do regular exercise and set new goals for every day. It will increase your productivity and clear your mind from negative thoughts. Busy people tend to focus more on the future than on the past. If you go this way, you'll have a chance to avoid depression and reach certain goals. 6. Gratitude heals When your mind is a mess and you notice nothing except negativity, you should stop and recollect all things you are grateful for. Every person has a great number of advantages and positive traits of character. Furthermore, you may think about your friends, kids or family. This strategy will help you boost your agents voyage self-confidence. Consequently, you will easily find power and inspiration to struggle for your happiness together with your dearest people. 7. Experience helps you grow Every experience is a valuable thing that helps you grow in various spheres of life. Bram Stoker once said, "We learn from failure, not from success." It often happens that you can turn your past negative experience into a productive and positive one in the future. Plus, it will make you an all-rounded and mature person ready to deal with different kinds of problems. The moments of instability are the best time to start something new in your life. The main secrets to avoid depression are a Новости туризма constant move and the ability to find opportunities in all difficulties. Whatever happens, you should be strong enough to deal with harsh realities of life. Have you ever gone through tough times? What would you advise to do when life is falling apart?

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 I too Have a Dream Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

1. "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." Even if I knew no one would ever read what I wrote here, I would still write it. I would declare truth even if no one listened. I would do hifu ulthera what I believed was right even if no one was watching. I would do it because I would be doing what my soul cries out to do. And in that obedience to the promptings of my soul, I would be fulfilling the deepest part of my calling here on earth. To do otherwise would be to deny my most basic self, to hide my inner most passion in the back closet of things I never got around to. 2. "If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way" Some will be leaders of nations and others will raise a wonderful family. One will discover the cure for cancer and another will serve on the local PTA. One will run a Fortune 500 corporation employing tens of thousands while another will hire two part-time employees to help the family business. Some will solve societal ills. Others will solve their own. It's not so much what we do as how we do it that matters. Some people's circles of influence are large, reaching millions or more. Others hardly extend into the next room. But the meaningful life is in the content, not the extent. A life of purpose cares less about numbers–the extent to which you change the world–and more about quality of the change, less about greatness and more about goodness. Besides, it doesn't matter how big the task, how deep and intractable the problem or how overwhelming circumstances are, something can always be done to chip away at life's challenges. Many small things make big things big. Do the small things in great ways and, in time, you'll be doing great things. 3. "One's dignity may be assaulted, vandalized, cruelly mocked, but it can offshore hong kong company never be taken away unless it is surrendered." In a day and age when people go on daytime talk-shows and reality TV to publicly display their dirtiest laundry, when shame seems to have faded to an altogether different era, it seems that dignity is being given away by the handful by a generation that doesn't value it much. Honesty and openness and authenticity may be good things in most cases, but to be honestly and authentically rude, shallow and indecent hardly seems a virtue. Perhaps what's on the stage of our lives should be worked on before worrying too much about the volume of the microphone or the setting of the spotlight. (Tweet) 4. "Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it." Hate is a virus that spreads like wildfire. It burns and consumes and destroys. It damages cultures and ruins relationships and corrupts hearts and decays character and ransacks souls. Hatred is dark and smothering and implosive, crashing everything around it down on top of itself. It drives people to do the unthinkable and gives the object of hate such tremendous power over the hater. The hater often becomes fixated on the hated. They give up control of their thoughts and motives, their passion and attitude, their peace and happiness to the very person or people they perceive to have wronged them. And yet they feed that power. And it grows until peace, happiness, will power and human decency are all but distant memories of a time before hate drove them out. Love, on the other hand, cools the passion of hate, heals wounds inflicted by its venom, motivates change and delivers freedom to those previously imprisoned behind the bars of hatred. 5. "Almost always the creative, dedicated minority has made the world better." Most people don't start revolutions. Most people don't make waves. Most people don't speak up. Most people don't even vote here in the U.S. in most elections. But there are always some handful of people who see the world differently, as a stage on which to perform some great drama, initiate some great change, do some great work with great Dream beauty pro passion that shifts the world on its axis and sends it rotating in the other moral, social, scientific, technological, medical or political direction, that lifts and inspires and blesses a generation or even an era. We don't all have to be the faces and names of such sea-changes. Most of us won't be. And that's okay. But we can join good causes that help spark cultural revolutions in human decency or spur them forward, even if we never extend our reach further than our next door neighbor with a single act of kindness.

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 Cute robot Kuri will also work as your family videographer Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

We’ve written several times about Kuri, a self-driving robot that responds to voice commands. But there’s a big question that still hasn’t been answered. As Chris Matthews, vice president of marketing at Mayfield Robotics put it: “What does Kuri do shelf company hong kong?” In other words, we know that Kuri is cute and fun, but why would someone pay $799 for it? The answer — at least a big part of the answer — comes today in the form of a service called Kuri Vision. Kuri Vision turns the robot into a family videographer, recording eight videos every day, each of them five seconds in length. The service takes advantage of the vision capabilities that the company announced recently, with Kuri able to recognize family members and even pets. As CEO Mike Beebe explained to me, Kuri uses that knowledge to shoot its videos, based on factors like who’s present, the time of day and the location. You can access the videos in the Kuri mobile app and indicate which ones you like and which ones you don’t, giving Kuri a better sense of what to record. The goal isn’t to replace the photos and videos that you might already be taking. Nor is it meant to serve as a security camera (“I don’t want to build Robocop,” Beebe said), though it could help some users check on activity back at home Cloud Provider. Instead, Kuri should capture more of those candid moments when you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) stop to whip out your smartphone camera — moments when your family might be playing or cooking or talking together, and in Beebe’s words, “To step outside to take the picture, it wrecks it.” Kuri doesn’t make a big deal about the fact that it’s making a video. That’s one of the reasons it should be able to capture the kind of content you wouldn’t get on your own, but it might also make you a little nervous about whether you’re being recorded. To mitigate this (or just to avoid getting lots of videos you don’t care about), users can designate certain rooms or times of day that are off limits for recording. Beebe also emphasized that users should have complete control over their videos. As I mentioned, the videos are automatically uploaded to the Kuri app after they’re recorded, but they’re only shared with you. You can download and share them elsewhere, but there’s no social sharing within Kuri itself. I met with Beebe and Matthews in July, when they walked me through Kuri Vision and also gave me a broader demo of Kuri’s capabilities. That includes automatically rolling over to a designated location, and then returning to the charger when it’s told to “go home.” Whatever Kuri does, it does it with a big dose of personality, as it looks around the room or makes beeping noises to create the illusion of life and intelligence apartments hong kong. According to Beebe, that kind of stuff is important, but it’s not enough: “If you’re going to actually get the robot renaissance through, you have to make robots that are joyful, useful and inspirational.” Kuri Vision will hopefully take care of the useful part of the equation — and then, over time time, Mayfield can introduce more capabilities. “The biggest payoff is when you have a robot in your house for a couple of years and you start to think about all the other stuff it can do,” Beebe said. “The next level kicks in.” Kuri is currently available for preorder. Mayfield plans to ship its first robots in December — though that initial wave is sold out. If you order now, you should get your Kuri in early 2018. https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/01/cute-robot-kuri-will-also-work-as-your-family-videographer/

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 Sexy Easter Egg Hunt (You Know You Wanna Play!) Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

What You Need: Plastic Easter eggs Pens Paper Easter candy (optional) How to Play: The concept is similar to when you were a kid: Follow the trail of colored eggs to an Easter basket filled with treats. Only in this sexy egg hunt, you're filling those eggs with sexy messages instead of jelly beans to lead your partner to an over-18 Easter surprise. Now's your chance to let your creativity (and hormones) run wild. So grab five to eight plastic eggs (or more if you're feeling super-creative) and get going. Here are some hot ideas to get you started: 1. The Bunny Hop Write different bedroom moves on separate pieces of paper and place each one in a plastic egg. Then hide the eggs all over the house and set a time limit. The more eggs your partner adds to his Easter basket before time runs out, the more he gets to enjoy in bed (wink, wink). 2. The Bunny Trail Place a clue in each egg to create a trail that will eventually lead to a candlelit bathtub or a lingerie-clad you. Each clue should guide your partner to the next egg until s(he) eventually stumbles on the big Easter surprise (that would be you). For a more challenging version, make each clue a question hifu ulthera about your (ahem, shared) sexual history that leads to the next clue (e.g., "What's the only article of clothing that Jeremy likes to keep on during the deed?" and if the answer is "His socks," then the next egg would be located in Jeremy's sock drawer). 3. The PG Bunny offshore hong kong company If you're not into mixing sex and Easter, here's a sweet game for you. Devise 6 to 10 different clues that on their own may not mean much, but when taken together will help your partner find his surprise (kinda like a puzzle). Get clever with your hiding spots -- the more eggs your sweetie finds, the easier it will Dream beauty pro be for him to find you. Then surprise him by leading him to a hotel, your favorite restaurant or some other romantic excursion of your devising. No sex required.

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